About Anny's Bread Factory

In 1996 Anny’s opened its bakery’s doors in North Miami Beach, right on the West Dixie Highway, offering an array of kosher and Parve products. The high quality of the products attracted the locals, and created a community of loyal customers who have grown to be a part of Anny’s history and vice versa.

Quality became a staple of our bakery, and went beyond the products into customer relations; making sure every single person left completely satisfied was the number one priority. Therefore, Anny’s decided to share its quality bakery portfolio with more people, closing its North Miami Beach doors to focus on whole sale. This would allow us to be available at supermarkets near more Florida homes.

Our Vision

We bake using authentic ingredients so every person can enJOY the experience of a high quality wholesome product. We create mindful experiences and memories that bond relationships and nourish the lives of our employees and vendors that know they make this possible.

In this process we have made sure that the core values that made Anny’s Bakery so popular didn’t get diluted but reinforced. We take special care of our original recipes; everything is hand made and uses natural ingredients ONLY – no additives or substitutes – to ensure consistently high quality products.

At Anny’s factory we make sure to keep the traditions alive. Our recipes have been passed from one generation to another, and with them, our love for baking and desire to share a little piece of us with you in your home. We invite you to come on in and try our products, we are sure you will be completely satisfied, and if you are already part of our community of happy customers, welcome back!

Our Mission

We bake for people who want to enjoy a soft, great tasting bread and want to create memories with every bite. We make bread for supermarkets, restaurant owners and caterers that want to communicate attention to excellence and provide their guests a high quality dining experience.

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