About Yaeli Merenfeld | CEO

Yaeli Merenfeld already holds two successful experiences as an entrepreneur.  Her first adventure was in her home town, Venezuela where she founded a catering company to serve Fortune 500 companies. Because of her desire to serve her customers going that extra mile, she managed to grow the company 800%. 

In 2010 Yaeli immigrates to United States of America where she takes over Anny’s Bread Factory and manages to put her products on the shelf of the main retail chains in South Florida. At the same time the food service line grows at a fast pace. Bringing Anny’s breads to restaurants that want to communicate excellence to their customers. Quality and service are always the drive behind the success. 

Her direct expertise is in finding opportunities in the markets that she has been serving, and creating a concise and viable plan to execute and achieve her goals. All this integrates different skills like leadership, communications, strategy, people relationship, and networking. Reflecting her commitment to personal and professional excellence. 

Yaeli has an MBA and is an Alumni of the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program and the Stanford Leadership Entrepreneur Initiative for Scaling with Excellence.

When migrating to United States Yaeli ventured in the bread industry. You can find Anny’s Bread Factory’s products in mayor supermarket chains in South Florida and present is the Food Service market.